Sunday, November 8, 2009

Nineteenth Century Romantic Art Changed the Way We See the World

Nineteenth century romantic art changed the way that we see the world forever. People were shown in a fashion that had never before been done and after nineteenth century romantic art there was no going back to the way things used to be. Nineteenth century romantic art was and still is to this day powerful and thought provoking. Who were these people and what were they thinking as they posed for these fantastic paintings? These are the kinds of questions that will always go through the minds of viewers of nineteenth century romantic art.

Nineteenth century romantic art blossomed in the early nineteenth century. This can be attributed, and in fact it has been by some, to Napoleons influence. He was a character that was bigger than life, he was a small man with a giant spirit and good or bad, he taught people that they could see life differently than they were used to seeing it. And from this seed came the individual creativity that is responsible for nineteenth century romantic art. People were free to paint, sculpt and sketch whatever they wanted to and this nineteenth century romantic art was so masterful that much of it still survives to this day.

We revere nineteenth century romantic art because it was a revolution in the way that people in those times thought. We do not see such revolutions often and to be able to capture one on canvas as did nineteenth century romantic art is amazing. Instead of just painting pretty pictures artist started to try to make their viewers feel something. Nineteenth century romantic art is all about feeling emotions in a powerful way. If they could get their message across to those looking at their paintings they had accomplished something that other artist had never done before until nineteenth century romantic art.

Battles had been done to death but love and romance were new ground to tread and nineteenth century romantic art did tread it indeed. And look what has come of it. The art world has forever been altered by nineteenth century romantic art and there is nothing that can ever change it. Nineteenth century romantic art is responsible for the way we look at art today and for the artistic freedom that we all enjoy and take for granted. Nineteenth century romantic art has done a lot for us and we don't even know it. All art affects all aspects of society and nineteenth century romantic art is no different. We are feeling the affect of nineteenth century romantic art to this day and we probably always will.

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