Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Bath Furniture Components

Bath furniture components should ideally reflect the precise needs and preferences of individual users, but this is impractical when they are shared among several family members. The components include all of the basic hardware such as a tub, shower stall, sink, toilet and vanity cabinet as well as decorative furnishings such as towel stands, drying racks, and laundry baskets.

Powder Rooms - Powder rooms are also called half-baths and typically have only two fixtures, a toilet and a sink and usually a vanity cabinet under the sink. Powder rooms are located on floors that don�t have a full bath and also near the family room, living room, or kitchen to offer convenience for guests and family members. They usually also have a wall mirror over the sink so people can comb hair and a trash can. Smaller versions of the standard towel rack, medicine cabinet or wall mirror are available for use in powder rooms.

Hall Baths - Hall bathrooms typically service several bedrooms and usually include bath furniture components such as a sink, toilet, and either a bathtub/shower or a stall shower. Most have a vanity cabinet and many have an extra long vanity counter that allows a chair to be used while sitting to out on makeup or whatever. Most have trash cans and if there is enough room clothes hampers as well. They will also include a medium to large medicine cabinet and possibly a full length mirror.

Master Baths - Master baths have a minimum of three bath furniture components a sink, toilet, tub and frequently as many as six or more with an additional sink with a long vanity counter, a bidet, and a shower. Master baths usually directly connect to the master bedroom or dressing area and are often divided into two separate spaces with the vanity sinks separated from the toilet and bath fixtures. Multiple towel racks and hooks for robes are commonly used. The dressing almost always has a full length mirror so the owners can be sure they look good before leaving for the day.

Multiple bathrooms and dual vanity sinks are almost a necessity for today�s two career family. Dad needs to shave, mom needs to put on makeup and the kids need to wash up as well usually at the same of the morning.

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