Monday, January 18, 2010

Romantic Resorts Illinois - The Time of Your Life

At romantic resorts in Illinois you will have the time of your life and so will your partner. This is a fun and exciting state with tons of fun activities for everyone. There are many different cities that you can visit and each one will have something different to share with you. Not only will you have tons of fun while visiting romantic resorts in Illinois you will come away with a better knowledge of out American history.

One of the most fabulous romantic resorts in Illinois is Longhollow Point Condominiums. This fabulous resort is in Galena, which is a mining boomtown. It has remained untouched for the last one hundred and fifty years. It is a historical treasure. You will be able to enjoy some of the best boutiques and galleries in this fantastic town. You will have the time of your life at this romantic resort Illinois.

The Heartland Lodge in Nebo is another of the fabulous and romantic resorts Illinois has to offer its visitors. Here you will be able to enjoy the quiet and relaxation of the country side at this gorgeous family owned farm. This farm has been in this family for well over a hundred years and it is just as beautiful as it was when it was first purchased. Very little has changed in all of the years since. This is one of the most exciting and yet relaxing romantic resorts that Illinois has to offer.

The Hotel Orrington is located in Evanston and this resort is located at a convenient 30 minutes from Chicago. You will be able to enjoy what this romantic resort in Illinois has to offer and then travel to Chicago for the day so that you can pick up one of their famous pizzas. You cannot leave Illinois without sampling a Chicago style pizza pie can you? Of course not.

Romantic resorts in Illinois are w wonderful way to spend any vacation. Your choices vary from place to place and you will find some resorts in the country side and yet others in the heart of the cities. No matter if you like quiet solitude or rambunctious city life you will be able to find a romantic resort in Illinois to suit you fine.

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