Thursday, April 29, 2010

Furuba Romance Is Sweet As Pie

Furuba romance is sweet as pie. Furuba is one of the best that manga has to offer. Furuba romance is about so much more than your typical romance it is larger than life and bigger somehow than all of the other anime series put together. Furuba romance is all about harmony and balance. With Furuba romance the characters live and love and grow. It is a testament to the writer and the fans that this series has grown into such a phenomenon.

Much of the Furuba romance is centered upon the plight of the heroine Tohru. This young girl is left orphaned and not wanting to burden her old grandfather is something that everyone can sympathize with. She is a brave and powerful character and her compassion and zest adds a lot to the Furuba romance.

It is also her relationship with Shigure and his family that lends to the Furuba romance. Their curse in unique and strange and she accepts it without prejudice. Few young girls would not have run off in terror but she stuck by them and this is what makes Furuba romance so spectacular. Furuba romance is all about Tohru and her amazing spirit,

Every character in this marvelous story had their own demons to deal with. Just like in real life pain is suffering and suffering sucks. And while the Furuba romance of it is engaging it does bring to mind ones own suffering. It is hard not to connect with these characters on some level even if you can't turn into a boar. That is the beauty of Furuba romance. It gets a hold of you and it pulls you in and does not want to let go.

Furuba romance is gong to grab you by the throat if you let it and the funny thing is that no matter how much you laugh or cry you will always be wanting more. There is just no way that you can get enough of Furuba romance. It is utterly charming in its hilarity and its gravity. This mish mash of feelings is what makes Furuba romance so powerful to the reader and the viewer alike. No matter how you take in this story, in which of its many different forms you will be tickled pink with what Furuba romance does to you.

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